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Bundle orchestration

Reach Millions of new users with App Central’s targeted app bundles!

Apple recently launched the App Bundles feature, which enables up to 10 different apps (as long as they belong to the same developer) to be downloaded to the user’s device in the same one download process.

That means an incredible opportunity for app developers to get their apps exposed and installed in millions of devices!

Who is it for?

Until now, the bundle service was available in an on-device pre-install model and was relevant for the big, generic and ‘must have’ apps, like Facebook, Uber, Youtube etc that can and willing to pay a lot of money to be installed on one’s device, with low audience and targeting sensitivity.

Thanks to our high-end targeting and audiencing abilities, we made this service accessible and relevant to all developers.


The Targeting

Thanks to our large and versatile apps portfolio as well as fantastic targeting abilities, we are able to bundle up various packages and to include your app in a variety of bundles!

Each bundle content is constructed based on different factors, such as: category, genre, audience, geography, demography, performance history and much more...


That means that your app can be included in bundles such as:

I        NY

Asset 12.png

Description: the ‘must have’ package for every New Yorker 

Apps inside: Food take out, transportation, Broadway shows ticket, hotels and more

Ages: 17-65

Geography: lives in NY and nearby, recently visited NY

i love ny buttom.png

Privacy & Security

Asset 9.png

Description: apps related to data security and online privacy

Apps inside: VPN, Ad-Blocker, Safe Browser, password saver, photo locker

Ages: 18-45

Audience: tech, gadget, cordcutters

privacy and security buttom.png

Arcade Games

Asset 11.png

Description: casual and hyper-casual games

Apps inside: racer, runner, shooter and more

Ages: 14-34

Audience: on-line gamers, retro gamers…

arcade games buttom.png

Puzzle Games

Asset 10.png

Description: various puzzle and board games

Apps inside: scrabble, match3, card game, bricks, bubble

Ages: 17-45

Audience: puzzle gamers, card gamers..

puzzle games buttom.png
bundle optimtsation.png

Bundle constructing

Bundle optimization

Along with our signature optimization process, we are adding 2 extra layers when it comes to bundles.

First we select the apps that will make the bundle according to parameters as: category, genre,  popularity, trending, audience and more.

In-Bundle optimization

Afterwards, we look at the bundle macro design: order of the apps, amount of apps and even their icon image.

All of those parameters along with real-time accumulated data about install rate, open rate and further engagement within each app.

Using our AI technology, we are able to process all of those variables, compile the best App Bundles and optimize its media buying.

Bundle Analytics and dashboard

In app bundles, more than ever, the data plays an important role!

We gather data for each separate app and for the bundle as whole, providing a deep analysis for the developer in a real-time dashboard.

Bundle Analytics and dashboard.png

Bundle Store Preview

When installing up to 10 apps in one action, not every app can be observed separately at the store.. Here is where our CentralSDK jumps in to bring your app’s App Store preview essence into the bundled app, enabling the user to catch up and zone in.


The business model

Pre-install companies, big as they are, will charge the developer on a cpi basis, regardless of user engagement and actual income generated from his app. Our business model remains the same, we share the profit with the developer.

business model.png

5 benefits of Apps Bundle



User acquisition is 100% in-house



Bundled apps’ cost per install significantly lower



Get Million installs every month



Relevant and engaged audience



 Increase the active user base 

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