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CentralSDK™ AI measures every aspect of users' behavior within the app, to optimize subscriptions, ads and user-experience, for the purpose of increasing overall user value.

CentralSDK™ main features:

AI Optimization Engine

Optimize in-app purchases and subscriptions to increase overall user value.

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UI Design and Creation

Uniquely design your page variations with our Wizard.

Analytics & Dashboard

Get a precise real time dashboard to track your users behavior and value.

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Ad Monetization & Subscription Balancing

Using our AI, we learn the tipping point of ads, subscription and user experience

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LTV Predictor

Backed by Big Data of user behaviour, we can predict the LTV of your potential user.

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How CentralSDK™ Optimizes subscriptions:

With an AI powered algorithm and according to numerous parameters, such as: country, traffic source, behavior, device , etc. we construct and optimize the final page that will be displayed to the user, based on the following 4 parameters:


The design of the page.

e.g: background image, color, button sizes, position, text, fonts and others.


What the user gets for the subscription.

e.g: 2 new stock recommendations vs. 4 stock recommendations.


The actual time when the offer begins.

e.g: at the opening of the apps vs. after the completion of the 3rd level.

Plan and Price

The price and the payment plan.

e.g: weekly $9 vs. monthly $29 vs. $1 introductory for 3 days

and then $99/year.

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