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CentralSDK™ AI measures every aspect of users' behavior within the app, to optimize subscriptions, ads and user-experience, for the purpose of increasing overall user value.

CentralSDK™ main features:

AI Optimization Engine

Optimize in-app purchases and subscriptions to increase overall user value.



UI Design and Creation

Uniquely design your page variations with our Wizard.

Analytics & Dashboard

Get a precise real time dashboard to track your users behavior and value.


Ad Monetization & Subscription Balancing

Using our AI, we learn the tipping point of ads, subscription and user experience


LTV Predictor

Backed by Big Data of user behaviour, we can predict the LTV of your potential user.



How CentralSDK™ Optimizes subscriptions:

With an AI powered algorithm and according to numerous parameters, such as: country, traffic source, behavior, device , etc. we construct and optimize the final page that will be displayed to the user, based on the following 4 parameters:


The design of the page.

e.g: background image, color, button sizes, position, text, fonts and others.


What the user gets for the subscription.

e.g: 2 new stock recommendations vs. 4 stock recommendations.


The actual time when the offer begins.

e.g: at the opening of the apps vs. after the completion of the 3rd level.

Plan and Price

The price and the payment plan.

e.g: weekly $9 vs. monthly $29 vs. $1 introductory for 3 days

and then $99/year.


Our Offices

Main office:

Israel - Raoul Wallenberg 18, Tel Aviv

Sub Offices:

USA - 1100 Glendon Ave, Los Angeles, CA

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