Disrupting the classic user acquisition methods!

As part of our holistic approach, we offer unique and innovative solutions to our developers. 

App Central is in an ever growing effort to to search and utilize additional formats, platforms and methods to market your app.

Who is it for?

Each app or game requires a different marketing strategy to fit it’s needs. Through our various solutions, we are able to execute and fulfil every plan individually or combined.

Bundle orchestration

Having your app in one (or more) of our bundles means an incredible opportunity to get your apps exposed and installed in millions of devices! 

Each bundle content is constructed based on different factors, such as: category, genre, audience, geography, demography, performance history and much more.

Using our AI technology, we are able to process all of those variables, compile the best App Bundles and optimize its media buying.

Smart TV

The Smart TV stores resemble the Mobile App Stores as they were a decade ago.


Though currently small, it’s developing rapidly, gaining significant presence and posing a big opportunity for developers to have their app discover among a low competition market.

Similar to Roblox model, we build a Meta-World, loaded with lots of games under one roof.

Your game\app will be feature as one of the apps within the Meta App, connected to the rest of the apps, enabling high retention and user engagement.

Multi Games App

The media buying

For each and every selected solution, we extend our comprehensive media buying capabilities across multiple channels and audiences.


With years of experience, unique media-buying technology and a profound presence at the on-line media ecosystem, we are able to collect and build a sound and vast database of behaviours and performances, which can be projected and used across the media sources and platforms.


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