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Whether you are already one of our partners, or planning to become one, our brand new Referral Program is definitely something you should know about. On top of sharing the awesome (😎) App-Central experience with your friends, you can now earn extra money!


Game bundling is a popular strategy by game creators for decades. Think of Nintendo or SEGA consoles bundling some of their most popular games (or doing big arcade pancakes) in a single cartridge.

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Your game\app will be featured as one of the apps within the Meta App, connected to the rest of the apps, enabling high retention and user engagement.

Playing on Phones

Bundling games is nothing new. Providing multiple options for users gives people the choice to find more games they like. Just like in a well-stacked supermarket shelf or buffet table with many food alternatives, increased choice is likely to increase consumption - but to what extent? 

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AppCentral Beta Testing CentralSDK™ To Optimize In-App Subscriptions & Monetization

AppCentral's new breed of Publishing House will leverage over 10 years of media buying know-how, with cutting edge monetization and optimization algorithms. The new concept will fully launch in 2021 to help app developers......

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Yinon's Stock Portfolio: An App for Novice and Experienced Investors

Leveraging market wisdom and foresight from one of the world's leading value investors, App Central's new app provides tips, insights and ideas on exceptional investment opportunities...


Israel's Retail Innovation Club Unveils New App Driven Technologies to Help Brick & Mortar Stores

Israel has leveraged technology to overcome the current health crisis, with different innovative solutions that track the spread of the coronavirus. This tech allowed the country to build models and intervene rapidly when necessary before communities and health facilities were overwhelmed...

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