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Our Management

Forged from the core of the internet, our management team members have earned their stripes by building successful multi-million dollar companies, and they are here to not only help you create a winning app, but also help you build an amazing company.

Our goal is to cast our entrepreneurial spirit into each app and holistically perceive and operate it as a complete entity with an endless growth potential.


Oded Breiner


The architect of our magical CentralSDK™, equipped with an X-Ray understanding of mobile technology.


Yotam Zukerman


With his vast knowledge and unique personality, Yotam ties App Central’s verticals together.


Eitan Babay


A marketing wiz, with more than a decade of experience in the online media fields. Passionate about apps, users and everything in between.

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Yuval Barak


Bonafide business development manager and leader since 2010, has the keenest

eye when it comes to identifying and growing potential.


Yonatan Burak

Head Of Studio

A creative mastermind with years of experience in making and producing on\off line commercials.