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Publish your app

With our AI-Powered Publishing House

You and your app get the full publishing package, from guidance and mentoring, to technological edge and advanced marketing methods.

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We prepare the creative material

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We fund and Initiate user acquisition campaigns

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We split the profits with YOU after media costs

Learn more about App Central's holistic package.

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Our Holistic Package 6 Elements

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We built centralSDK™ to optimize in-app purchases and subscriptions to increase overall user value.

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Ad Monetization Plan

Charged with the leading advertisers, using CentralSDK™, we find the tipping point of ads, subscriptions and user experience. 

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Creative Studio

Our in-house studio will create state of the art materials to support various marketing strategies.

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User Acquisition

We will fund and advertise your app across multiple sources (social media, search, ASO etc.) to ensure a massive exposure.

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Features & PR

Get your app featured in the stores, leading professional magazines, and websites.

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Analytics & Attribution

Monitoring your app’s pulse, topped with our in-house kick, we are able to perform a highly-specific optimization.

Why is The Publishing Model so Successful

A New World Requires a New Business Model 

The publishing model has proven itself as the ideal method for creating successful apps in the past decade.

Not too long ago, an app developer used to upload his app to the app stores and generate his revenue mainly from organic traffic. Nowadays, app stores are getting filled up exponentially with new apps and the old model, romantic as it was, simply doesn’t  work anymore. 

In order to succeed, you need millions of dollars in media buying budget, as well as vast experience and knowledge in: media buying creative production, analytics, PR  monetization, etc.
For that (and much more),  you need a publisher that is a true expert in these fields.

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