What is PeleGame?

Similar to Roblox model, we build a Meta-World, loaded with lots of games under one roof.

Your game\app will be featured as one of the apps within the Meta App, connected to the rest of the apps, enabling high retention and user engagement.

We connect the games via WebGL or via our proprietary plug-in and wrap it under one single app. 

This technology focuses Unity game engine, but we are also able to support additional game engines, such as: Unreal Engine, Apple Metal, Cocos2D-X, BuildBox and more...

How it is done?

What is The Meta-World?

All of the games within a specific app, are basically connected and based on the desired integration grade, assemble a Meta-World where all of the user’s currency, achievements and stats is accumulated into his Meta-Profile and can be used across the games.


This method successfully increases user engagement and retention.

Making Money from your Game

Similar to Roblox model, we share the profit from the IAP and ads with the developer.


The Meta-Worlds are themed and marketed accordingly, for example:

Hyper casual





Our Offices

Main office:

Israel - Raoul Wallenberg 18, Tel Aviv

Sub Offices:

USA - 1100 Glendon Ave, Los Angeles, CA

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Ukraine - Sribnokilska 1, Kyiv

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