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AppCentral specialty is our different Bundles, tailor-made to your download preferences.

The Bundles were introduced by Apple in the last couple of years to give users extra value by rapping several products together in one install.

Bundles are a package of several apps or games huddled together in one easy install, giving you the advantages of several products in just one download.

To learn more on other companies using Bundles, check out Apple One -

or Adobe design bundle -

Each of the AppCentral Bundles has its own theme and huddles a variety of games all centered around one genre.



In the App Store there are both free and paid Bundles, AppCentral’s Bundles are always free, however, if you wish to unlock all the bundle features, get constant renewable content, and play the games in the Bundle without ads, we offer a monthly subscription, available for you inside the games.


The Meta Vision:

In some of our Bundles, the games sustain their own eco-system (similar to Roblox), all connected together through metadata, which allow the users to keep their progress and achievements while playing different games. Our vision is to implement the Meta in each of our future Bundles, to give our users various “worlds” to play in.


frequently asked questions

Q1: When I downloaded your game, it said “PURCHASED” in the app store. Did you charge my credit card without my permission?

A: No, when downloading a bundle, even though it is free, the button changes from “GET” to “PURCHASED”, even though you did not purchase anything, and you were not charged for anything. This is just how apple present the button in bundles. In this short video, you can see how you can distinguish between paid and free bundles.

Q2: I downloaded your game and it downloaded 10 other games to my phone. What are they?

A: The game you downloaded is actually one of our game Bundles. The Bundle contains 10 games in the genre you chose and are there for your enjoyment. You can see below how to distinguish between a game and a Bundle in their App Store page:






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