AppCentral set to launch Unified in 2022,

the ‘Roblox of Unity’, an ecosystem of games in one app

Tel Aviv - 4 February.

Unified will be a single app and destination for gamers and developers. The platform will host multiple interconnected games that are bound by shared metadata and a built in economy. This unified approach will provide Unity developers with an entire ecosystem to distribute and monetize their games. Unified’s ready-made infrastructure is designed to help game developers thrive. 


Roblox revolutionized the idea of hosting games generated by third-party developers in their platform. They provide more than 50 million games, all created by its community of players. Their strength comes from having so many games within a single meta-game ecosystem, which gives the platform huge value to both developers and users. Unified will focus on the idea of leveraging group power in a similar way, so that Unity developers can benefit from being part of a bigger distribution network and ecosystem. 


Unified bridges the gap between developers that want the freedom and capabilities that Unity brings, but access a shared ecosystem and network that helps them promote and monetize their creations. 

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Key benefits that Unified will bring to Unity developers include:

Developers will be able to add their new games developed through Unity to Unified, as well including games created in the past. This will enable them to take advantage of the distribution capabilities for their existing catalogue.

All games and verticals will be connected through a single in-game currency called “Unified”, which players will be able to purchase inside the apps and games. This ready-made infrastructure will facilitate built-in monetization solutions.

While initially the platform will focus on Unity games, it will expand to other platforms. In addition, while the first vertical Unified we will develop is hyper-casual-gaming, this ecosystem will support multiple app verticals - from education to utilities. 

Nadav Brandstarter, Founder of AppCentral said: “Developing Unified is the company’s most ambitious project for 2021. It is a real struggle for talented app developers to reach a critical mass of users with limited budget. The Unified ecosystem is designed as a network that will help creators promote and monetize their games and apps efficiently.”


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